Electroformed Copper and Amazonite Necklace WIW

Electroformed Copper and Amazonite Necklace WIW


This beautiful electroformed Amazonite necklace has been handmade using a copper bail, an Amazonite Cabochon and a technique called electroforming. This is where the right mix of chemicals are used with electricity to form copper onto stone and other materials, pieces take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to completed. 

It will come on an adjustable black cotton cord (with slip knots either side) in the gift box pictured. 

Postage is included with this listing, orders from different designers will ship separately. 


Amazonite is a soothing stone of hope and truth, it soothes emotional trauma, alleviates worry and fear and dispels negative energy. It is a balancing stone, helping us see both sides of a problem and also balances masculine and feminine energy. Heals and opens the heart and throat chakras helping us enhance loving communication. It is said to enhance intuition and psychic abilities. 
This beautiful stone relates to the zodiac sign Virgo although it will appeal to those with the Leo and Aries signs also, relates to the heart and throat and heart chakra, and the Goddesses Tiamat the chaos Goddess and can be used when honouring Estsanatlehi the Navajo fertility Goddess and Whope the Lakota Sioux Goddess.

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