Blue Floral & Vintage Rose Bunting BTA

Blue Floral & Vintage Rose Bunting BTA


Garden Party bunting, big navy blue and white polka dots and vintages roses echoing a summer of wonderful, colourful gardens.


Bring the flowers indoors with beautiful handmade cotton bunting with hand sewn upcycled buttons in blues and pearly white some from my Nan’s own precious sewing box, to give this bunting a gorgeous vintage feel.


10 flags with two alternate designs on a blue gingham bias tape.

Each of the 10 flags is individually made, is each 13 cms wide, 14cms long.


Perfect to hang at tea parties,weddings, kids parties or a great all year round pretty,colourful decoration, or to hang inside or out of your tent or camper van while glamping near the beach.

Designed by Lynsey Luu    |   ©2021 Shop in the Square 

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