Real shell electroformed necklace WIW

Real shell electroformed necklace WIW


This beautiful real shell, Rose Quartz and Moonstone necklace has been handmade using a technique called electroforming, this is where the right mix of chemicals is combined with electricity and copper is formed onto stone and other organics. It will come on an adjustable black cotton cord necklace in a jewellery box like pictured. 


Rose Quartz teaches you to love yourself first as you cannot truly accept love from others if you do not love first yourself, if you have never received love Rose Quartz opens up your heart, and if you have loved and lost it comforts your grief. A most important stone for the heart and heart chakra, teaches the true essence of love and opening the heart on all levels, brings deep inner healing, calms and helps cope with change. An excellent stone for trauma and crisis, helps release unexpressed emotion, self forgiveness and acceptance, improves self trust and self worth.

Postage is included with this listing, orders from different designers will ship separately. 


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