Rustic raw Kyanite necklace WIW

Rustic raw Kyanite necklace WIW


This rustic raw Kyanite necklace has been handmade using a technique called electroforming, this is where the right mix of chemicals is combined with electricity and copper is formed onto stone and other organics. It will come on an adjustable black cotton cord necklace in a jewellery box like pictured. 


Blue Kyanite is a great stone for those going through a dispute or disagreement by helping a resolution be reached.  It is also a stone of loyalty and fairness and it can be helpful for those with a self destructive nature, helping to break that cycle. It relates to the Throat Chakra or the bodies voice, which helps us express ourselves. It also relates to the Brow or Third Eye Chakra which is is our everyday awareness and sight. It is also said to enhance our psychic abilities. It is a natural birthstone for those born in the late winter months. 

Postage is included with this listing, orders from different designers will ship separately. 

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