Spring Kittens Purse TSB

Spring Kittens Purse TSB


These super cute pastel kittens are sure to melt your heart with their giant eyes of adorableness (not to be confused with their giant eyes of playfulness, or giant eyes of hunting-everything-they-can-get-their-claws-into.) You can lose yourself in their eyes at all times with this handy little purr-se.


All items are handmade by That's Sew Becky.

Size (HW) 11cm x 14cm

(Patterns and zips may vary)


Price includes postage

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    Returns are accepted as long as you have made contact with the shop or That's Sew Becky within 14 days of delivery. Items must be returned in state they were sent in, if they are not this could lead to a refund not being issued.

    Returns are made at buyer’s expense.

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