The Rain Makers. DTA

The Rain Makers. DTA


Ever wondered where all the rain comes from, it's fairies, of course! We have captured this little rain factory, along with it's workers. One fairy pops the clouds into the rain maker, the other fairy turns the handle to squash out the rain.  

This little insight into fairy life is made from a vintage mantel clock, saved from landfill and painted with tiny clouds. The rain maker is made from old copper pipes and fittings, and the dials are from an old clock. Hand felted fairy workers finish off this, one of a kind piece. Oh and it has an aded battery clock mechanism, so they don't go into over time, and battery powered LED lights, for the night shift of course!

Approx dimensions 22 x 35 x 18 cm

Designed by Lynsey Luu    |   ©2021 Shop in the Square 

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