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Union Jack Linen Bunting BTA

Union Jack Linen Bunting BTA


Shabby chic appliqué Union Jack Bunting.

Union Jack Flags appliquéd onto a neutral Linen background for a vintage feel with plain cotton bunting tape. 

This period style Bunting is perfect for many occasions from afternoon tea and street parties to celebrations and get togethers.

Inspired by our VE Day 75th Garden Party, thought up over scones and jam,and made soon afterwards!



Each appliquéd flag is hand-cut  from cotton, stylised Union Jack print fabric so may vary slightly; while the linen fabric gives the handmade pennants a lovely, luxury feel and weight and allows the bunting to hang beautifully.


The string of bunting measures 2 Metres, 10 cms and each pennant is 16cm Wide and 18cms Long.

Every string of bunting I make is unique, so will be personal to you.