Blue Vintage Embroidery Linen Bunting BTA

Blue Vintage Embroidery Linen Bunting BTA

Handmade Vintage embroidery bunting with colourful tassels to finish.
Each flag is cut from washed and starched vintage hand embroidered linen table cloths and chosen to complete a decorative pattern across the String of bunting.
The vintage buttons are picked to compliment the colours in each bunting flag and the vibrant tassels give a modern twist to the overall look.

I started to make the Vintage Bunting to decorate the marque for my own Vintage style wedding on a stormy cliff top overlooking a Cornish beach. The bunting hung from the roof and walls and adorned wooden tent poles. Since then I have made the Vintage embroidered linen bunting from table cloths used at my wedding as it had taken many months to gather all the beautiful cloths and I wanted them to find a new life outside the linen cupboard!

Designed by Lynsey Luu    |   ©2021 Shop in the Square 

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