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Solar System Charm Bracelet NB

Solar System Charm Bracelet NB


Here it is one of my favourites! Your very own a solar system, to orbit around your wrist. 
On this bracelet each planet is represented be a gem stone bead. the bracelet is made from a selection of jaspers, tigers eye, aqua marine. I have used a mixture of polished and unpolished stones to make the planets really stand out from each other. The beautiful sun is represented by a metal charm. I hope you will enjoy wearing this as much as i enjoyed making it!

mercury - snake skin jasper
venus - snakeskin jasper
earth - Chrysocolla
mars - red tigers eye
jupiter - red striped jasper
saturn - grey lace jasper
neptune - lapis
uranus - aquamarine
pluto - dalmatian jasper

comes in beautiful gift box 

available in any length no extra cost! the standard length is 7" long please do message us if you would prefer shorter or longer!